ides awards 2023

The International Design Experience and Showcase (IDES) is more than just an award ceremony. It is a unique platform that connects design enthusiasts from different parts of the world through immersive and interactive experiences. By showcasing the best of design talent across various disciplines and domains, IDES aims to foster a global community of creative thinkers and innovators. 

Our mission is to create international opportunities for students and young professionals, promoting their talent globally and enabling them to learn from diverse perspectives and cultures. We also inspire and empower the next generation of designers, providing them with the skills, knowledge, and network to excel in their chosen fields and contribute to society. Furthermore, we celebrate and appreciate the value of design, highlighting its role in solving complex problems, enhancing the quality of life, and creating positive change. 

To bridge the gap between young designers and the industry, we provide them with internship opportunities and mentorship from leading design firms and professionals. IDES is the ultimate platform for aspiring designers to showcase their work, network with peers and experts, and gain recognition and exposure.

2023 winners


Casa Roja

Maria Jose Ramos Alban
A holistic product service system created to meet the menstrual hygiene management (MHM) requirements of millions of women.

Smart Work Wear

Raul Andres Enriquez Villaroel
Enhancing comfort by incorporating deformable fins on the back, which promote improved ventilation for the wearer's body.

Foot-operated Mouse

Emilio Esteban Orozco Freire
Increase accessibility for individuals, particularly those with limited resources, by minimizing both the manufacturing time and overall costs.
“Encountering a multitude of fresh talents was truly an exhilarating experience. The diversity and richness of talent in LATAM never cease to amaze, every interaction was a delightful surprise”
Francesco Vernouli
Design Wanted

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